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#iwill Fund

The #iwill Fund will enable more young people to take part in social action through high quality opportunities which create lifelong habits.

2014 Communities Archived Archived

2014 Communities offers grants of between £300 and £2,000 to encourage more people to take part in physical activity.


Active England Archived Archived

Encouraging creative approaches to increase physical activity and sports participation

Active Futures Archived Archived

Active Futures will fund anything that gets young people active

AdvantAGE Archived Archived

Improving the quality of life of older people by providing access to befriending or advocacy services

Advice Plus Archived Archived

Funding to provide legal advice and support to those most in need

Advice Services Fund Archived Archived

Government funding for free advice services for people in England

Awards from the UK Portfolio

The UK Portfolio supports UK-wide ideas and projects. It tests and grows bold ideas that put people in the lead to address long-term social issues and to improve the quality of life across the UK and internationally. Please note, this funding stream is currently paused.


BASIS Archived Archived

Funding support for voluntary and community organisations to help them become more effective

Becoming a Survivor Archived Archived

£8 million investment in Scotland to support people affected by domestic abuse and survivors of domestic abuse

Better By Design Archived Archived

Supporting organisations to redesign the way they work

Better Off Archived Archived

Developing new rehabilitation projects for people affected by drug misuse

BIG Innovation Archived Archived

Supporting new projects that test new ways of tackling emerging and existing social problems

BIG Local Archived Archived

Helping people make their communities better places to live in, now and in the future

Bright New Futures Archived Archived

Building the emotional resilience of young parents and young disabled people so that they can manage key transitions in their lives

Building Better Opportunities

The National Lottery Community Fund is matching funds from the European Social Fund for projects across England that tackle poverty and promote social inclusion.

Building Change Trust Archived Archived

A £10 million investment helping to develop and shape Northern Ireland’s community and voluntary sector

Building Communities Archived Archived

A new £15m Trust working with disadvantaged communities in Wales

Building Connections Fund

Following the Prime Minister's wider endorsement of the Jo Cox Commission recommendations on Loneliness in January 2018, the £11.5 million Building Connections Fund has been set up to support projects that are able to prevent or reduce loneliness.


Cancer Care Scotland Archived Archived

Funding for projects that assist and support people living with cancer

Cancer Care Wales Archived Archived

Funding for projects that assist and support people living with cancer

Cancer Equipment Archived Archived

Funding to help hospitals improve their cancer treatment facilities

Celebrate Archived Archived

Celebrating 2014 Commonwealth Games through arts, sports and community celebrations

Climate Action Fund

The Climate Action Fund will support communities in the UK to take local action on climate change. These communities will stand as beacons of what is possible when people take the lead on climate change.

Community Asset Transfer Archived Archived

Enabling communities to have more control and influence over their future development

Community Assets

Grants from £10,000 to £1 million to create strong and resilient communities through assets.

Community Spaces Scotland Archived Archived

Community Spaces Scotland supports communities to become more involved in and to take responsibility for communal spaces and places

Community Wildlife Archived Archived

Let communities explore and celebrate their local wildlife

Create your Space Archived Archived

Create Your Space enables communities to improve their local natural environment. We want communities to decide how to conserve and / or improve their local natural environment in a way that makes a real difference for them and meets the needs of future generations.


Delivering Financial Inclusion Archived Archived

We’re matching funds from the European Social Fund, one of the European Structural Fund's programmes, for services across Scotland to tackle poverty and promote social inclusion.

Digital Fund

The Digital Fund is a new UK wide £15 million funding programme to support charities and community organisations. It is about helping the charity and voluntary sector to use digital tools and approaches to support people and communities to thrive.

Digitisation Archived Archived

Providing funding to make learning materials available, free of charge, on the Internet

Dormant Accounts Fund

Dormant Account Fund will be used to increase capacity, resilience and sustainability in the Northern Ireland Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector.


Empowering Young People

Empowering Young People is a grants programme designed to support projects in Northern Ireland that give young people aged 8 to 25 the ability to overcome the challenges they face.


Fair Share Trust Archived Archived

Parts of the UK missed out on Lottery funding. Fair Share has been helping to change that

Family Learning Archived Archived

Helping parents understand how their children learn and encouraging families to learn together

Forces in Mind

Supporting the psychological wellbeing and successful and sustainable transition of veterans and their families into civilian life.


Getting Ahead Archived Archived

Encouraging young people aged 16–18 years into work placements to enhance their employability

GM04 Archived Archived

Grab a Grant Archived Archived

The National Lottery Community Fund has teamed up with the North Wales Chronicle and the North Wales Pioneer to award up to £25,000 worth of grants to community groups

Great Ideas

Great Ideas is designed to support great ideas that don’t necessarily involve people at every stage but if implemented would contribute to putting people in the lead.


Help through Crisis

Help Through Crisis is a £33 million programme supporting 69 partnerships across England which help people who are experiencing or at risk of hardship crisis to overcome the difficulties they are facing to plan for their futures.

Helping Working Families

Helping Working Families funds projects that improve the lives of working families who are in poverty.

Heroes Return Archived Archived

Providing Lottery funding to help World War II veterans take part in commemorative visits


Impact of Alcohol Archived Archived

Investing £10 million in Northern Ireland to address the harm caused by alcohol misuse

In Good Hands Archived Archived

The National Lottery Community Fund is to invest £4.74 million in a programme that aims to improve the life chances of looked after children in Wales.

Investing in Ideas Archived Archived

£500 to £10,000 for organisations to think about, develop and test new ideas or make improvements that will benefit those most in need


JESSICA (Scotland) Trust Archived Archived

A new £15 million investment in Scotland to help disadvantaged urban communities most affected by serious disadvantage to become stronger through their own efforts



Leaders with Lived Experience Pilot Programme

Leaders with Lived Experience is a pilot programme providing National Lottery grants of between £20,000 and £50,000 to support lived experience leadership. A lived experience leader is someone who uses their first-hand experience of a social issue to create positive change for, and with, communities and people they share those experiences with. At this stage we expect to award between 15-20 grants.

Life Skills Project Archived Archived

Delivering services that will support targeted groups of economically inactive people

Living Landmarks Archived Archived

Supporting large-scale capital projects through two distinct funding streams


Mayor’s Community Weekend

On the weekend of Saturday 29 June and Sunday 30 June 2019, events will be taking place across the West Midlands to celebrate the Mayor’s Community Weekend. The aim of this is to celebrate diversity and bring people together – we want to encourage people to go out, engage in their local communities and increase social interaction.

Mental Health Matters Archived Archived

Promoting the rehabilitation and independence of people with serious mental health problems

Mentro Allan Archived Archived

Aimming to make the parks, waterways, coastal environments and countryside of Wales accessible

Millennium Now Archived Archived

Five inspirational projects to benefit UK communities

myplace Archived Archived

A multimillion programme across England to deliver world class youth centres



Other National Lottery Funders

If none of the current The National Lottery Community Fund programmes are suitable for your project, one of the other Lottery funders may be able to help.

Our Place

Helping communities in Scotland come together to find and develop ways in which they can make a difference.


Palliative Care Wales Archived Archived

Funding is available for improving the quality of the environments in which Palliative Care is delivered and organised. This is a capital programme and awards have been made to organisations that have a demonstrable experience in providing palliative care in hospitals and hospices.

Parks for People

Grants for projects that regenerate historic public parks and cemeteries


Through our Partnerships funding, we make grants over £10,000 for organisations which work together with a shared set of goals and values.

People and Communities

Supporting positive change in the community. The People and Communities programme is designed to support you to work with local people to bring about positive changes in your community. A community could be a geographical area or a community of interest.

People and Places Archived Archived

Funding capital and revenue community projects from £10,001 to £500,000

Place Based Social Action

Place Based Social Action (PBSA) is a joint £4.5m programme between the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and The National Lottery Community Fund (the Fund) using National Lottery funding


Reaching Communities England

Flexible funding over £10,000 for up to five years to organisations in England who want to take action on the issues that matter to people and communities.

Rebuilding communities in Nepal Archived Archived

Funding for organisations to help rebuild communities in Nepal following the devastating earthquake in April 2015.

Rural Programme

The Rural Programme (round two) funds projects that create positive change for those living in poverty in rural Wales.


Safeguarding Training Fund - Phase 2

The Safeguarding Training Fund is a jointly funded programme developed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and The National Lottery Community Fund (The Fund). It will provide funding over two phases until March 2022.

Scottish Land Fund

Supporting urban and rural communities to become more resilient and sustainable through the ownership and management of land and land assets.

Space and Place Archived Archived

£15 million to bring communities in Northern Ireland together, by making better use of local spaces and places

Support and Connect Archived Archived

Grants of between £10,000 and £350,000 to improve local support for people experiencing hardship.

Supporting great ideas

Through our Supporting great ideas funding we make grants to support innovative and strategically important project ideas that encourage positive social change in Wales.


The People's Millions Archived Archived

Projects to improve local facilities or help people get more out of their area

The People’s Projects

A UK-wide public vote, which gives National Lottery players and the public a say in where National Lottery funding goes. It is a chance for organisations across the UK to receive further National Lottery funding.

The Silver Dreams Fund Archived Archived

Pioneering ways to help vulnerable older people deal more effectively with life-changing events

Their Past Your Future Archived Archived

Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the events that led to the end of the Second World War

Transition Fund Archived Archived

Making funding available to help Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to adapt to, and manage, the transition to a different funding environment



Village SOS Archived Archived

Your future business partner could be right next door


Well-being Archived Archived

Supporting the development of healthier lifestyles and to improve well-being

Women and girls initiative

The Women and Girls Initiative supports 62 projects across England, which helps and empowers women and girls facing a wide range of issues such as violence, abuse, exploitation, and multiple and complex needs. This National Lottery funded initiative also aims to provide quality evidence that shows what works to empower women and girls.


Young Start

Helping young people aged eight to 24 to become more confident and play an active part in realising their potential.

Youth Capacity Fund

The Government has directed The National Lottery Community Fund to invest up to £1.2 million from dormant bank and building society accounts in England, to develop the capacity of local, frontline grassroots organisations who help young people facing barriers to work.

Youth in Focus Archived Archived

Supporting vulnerable young people through difficult changes in their lives

Youth Investment Fund

Supporting voluntary, community and social enterprise youth organisations to deliver, expand and create high quality local youth provision in targeted communities across England