Community Asset Transfer 2

Suitable for
Voluntary or community organisation
Funding size
£300,000 - £1,150,000
Total available
£9 million
Application deadline

12 noon on September 14th 2016

What's it all about?

The CAT2 programme provided both capital and revenue funding to support the transfer of assets, such as land and buildings, from individuals, public or private sector organisations to community ownership.

We wanted to help communities become stronger and more sustainable by assisting them to obtain and develop assets such as land or buildings. We did this by developing assets transferred from individuals, public or private sector organisations to enterprising organisations that actively involved and benefitted the communities they served. They had to work towards improving the services and/or facilities for their community, be able to demonstrate that their proposals are sustainable in the long-term and take into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of their work. Transfers were able to be either freehold or leasehold, but they must have bene made at nil cost or at significantly below market value.