Big Society Investment Fund

Channelling investments from dormant accounts

Application deadline

This programme is now closed

What's it all about?

Under the Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Act 2008, BIG receives all Dormant Account funds for good causes and is required to distribute these according to directions issued by the UK Government and by the Devolved Administrations.

The Government has committed to use all dormant accounts funds for spending in England to capitalise Big Society Capital.

Big Society Capital was an independent financial institution set up to design and shape a sustainable social investment market in the UK. It provides organisations tackling major social issues with access to new sources of finance by investing in social investment finance intermediaries. These are organisations that provide appropriate and affordable finance to social sector organisations.

BIG set up the Big Society Investment Fund to make initial investments using dormant accounts money before Big Society Capital was fully established, ensuring that dormant accounts money was used quickly. Big Society Capital is now open for business.

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