Our commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

We are here for communities - all communities - across the UK. We know that when people are in the lead, communities thrive. This is why, as the UK’s largest community funder, we strive to ensure that National Lottery funding is for everyone, no matter what their starting point.

Whatever your needs or abilities you can expect equal access when applying for our funding, and we’re happy to give you extra support if you need it. This might be because you have a disability, including physical and mental health conditions. For example you might need information in a different way, or may need extra time when talking to us. Visit our help and support page if you need assistance.

Customise your experience

We are committed to making our websites easy to use and our sites have been created to be usable straight away. But you may get a better experience by customising them to suit your individual needs. For example you can:

  • make the text larger
  • get the site text read aloud to you.

For videos and guides about how to customise your experience, visit My Web, My Way a website created by the BBC. On that site you can learn about your computer’s accessibility features and useful software you can install. These are known as assistive technologies.

If you have difficulty reading English, perhaps because it is not your main language or you have dyslexia, a mild visual impairment or learning difficulties, you may find it helpful to have the website text read out for you. One tool that does this is BrowseAloud

Limitations of our site’s accessibility

We have worked hard on our site’s accessibility but you may find some limitations such as those below.

  • Some content may require a certain level of financial, legal or sector specific understanding because of what it is about. We always review our content before publishing to try to communicate as clearly and simply as possible.
  • Some content is in PDF format. The content in these files may not be fully tagged or in the correct order when read by a screenreader. We are looking into training and processes to create accessible PDFs in the future.
  • Some audio and video content does not have captions or transcripts. If a transcript is not available when new audio or video content is published, we aim to add one as soon as possible afterwards. We are currently creating transcripts of older content.
  • User generated content may lack accessibility features such as alt text. If specific problems are reported to us may be able to improve them.
  • When we link to or embed content from other websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Audioboo, Flickr and Wordpress, it may not be as accessible as we would like. We use these websites because they are effective ways to reach our audiences. While we can encourage them to improve we cannot control their accessibility.


If you find anything on our site difficult to use, tell us about it in an email to To help us understand and solve the problem, try to include as much as you can of the information described at Contacting Organisations about Inaccessible Websites All constructive criticism and positive comments are welcome and will be carefully considered.

Visit our help and support page if you need assistance.


When we design, build and edit our sites, we strive to create pages that conform to Level AA or higher of the Content Accessibility Guidelines set by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We test for compliance in-house and often commission independent, expert agencies to audit our sites as well.

This statement was last updated in February 2014 and follows the advice on accessibility statements in British Standard BS 8878.