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Safeguarding Training Fund - Phase 2

Paws for Progress

The Safeguarding Training Fund is a jointly funded programme developed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and The National Lottery Community Fund (The Fund). It will provide funding over two phases until March 2022.

Suitable for
Voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations
Funding size
In the region of £50,000 to £115,000
Application deadline

No further applications are being accepted.

Image credit: Image credit: Paws for Progress, an example of a project funded for similar work under Medium Grants Scotland

Programme Intro

The first phase is currently supporting the ‘Safer Social Sector Partnership’ led by NCVO to design a national and generic online safeguarding training package, suitable for all charities big and small, to improve safeguarding/safe culture practice. These materials will be available by the end of September 2019.

The overall objectives of the Safeguarding Training Fund are:

  • To improve awareness of good safeguarding* practice through the delivery of a national and generic safeguarding training package. This will improve access to safeguarding training and support to protect both children and adults at risk, and promote a safe culture** within charities
  • To extend the reach of existing resources around safeguarding, and support engaging mechanisms to deliver safeguarding training which reaches both small and large organisations
  • To provide an insight into the impact of the safeguarding training, which helps to build a long-term legacy for this work and embed good safeguarding practice and awareness into the sector.

(*) safeguarding children and adults at risk (safeguarding)

(**) protecting charity employees and volunteers from bullying and harassment and sexual harassment (“Safe culture”).

The Fund, the UK`s largest community funder, uses money raised by National Lottery players to support this programme. DCMS will use central Government funding.

This is the second phase of the Safeguarding Training Fund, a partnership between DCMS and The Fund, which will invest £1.14 million to improve access to safeguarding/safe culture support materials.

During the second phase we expect to fund 5 – 10 organisations to distribute the phase 1 materials, promote and champion safeguarding/safe culture, and enable local networking and self-support.

How to succeed

This section refers exclusively to Phase 2

We anticipate funding 5-10 organisations to share the safeguarding resources, developed by the Safer Social Sector Partnership, with charities and voluntary organisations in England. In addition, we would expect the successful applicants to promote and champion safeguarding/safe culture, enable local networking and self-support, and cultivate a culture within the sector which puts safeguarding/safe culture at the heart of everything they do.

The Ambitions for phase 2 are: -

  • To make all charities and voluntary organisations in England aware of the importance of safeguarding/safe culture and to ensure they have access to the phase 1 materials, as well as any locally available resources, sources of advice, support, and training opportunities. Please note we are looking to support the whole of England through the efforts of all phase 2 grant holders, not necessarily one grant holder
  • We are particularly interested in ensuring organisations which don’t primarily work with the most vulnerable people in society, are able to understand and apply good safeguarding practice. Such organisations may be:
    • Small volunteer led organisations
    • Organisations in remote/rural areas
    • Organisations not primarily working with vulnerable adults or children, although they may come into contact with them
    • Organisations working in the most challenging areas of our community. Such communities are likely to have multiple levels of deprivation e.g. high unemployment, high crime, drug problems, teenage pregnancy etc., as such support services are likely to focus on these issues rather than considering safeguarding/safe culture
    • Diverse communities which may need more specialised safeguarding/safe culture considerations.

Due to the number of grants likely to be made, and our ambition to support the whole of England, each successful applicant will need to demonstrate significant reach. This may be reaching a large number of organisations across a wide geographical area, or a smaller number of organisations across a specific community or theme. You will need to explain why you have chosen this target group, and provide evidence to support this.

The activities we anticipate will take place

We anticipate the following work will feature in your application and remain keen to hear about your own ideas to support the aims of this fund. This is not a definitive list.

  • Share the safeguarding resources developed in phase 1 with charities and voluntary organisations
  • Develop a priority-based engagement plan which focuses on identified areas of greatest need, achieving the greatest impact for the target group, and using engaging ways of building awareness
  • Signpost organisations to locally available resources, sources of advice, support, and training opportunities
  • Develop and/or create local networks to link frontline organisations together so they can support each other and share learning
  • Create links and relationships with local safeguarding/safe culture leads and networks to further support the embedding of safeguarding/safe culture best practice
  • Gather intelligence about what works well, what works less well, and case studies/stories, and share with other phase 2 grant holders and the Fund
  • Provide feedback about the phase 1 materials
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with the other phase 2 grant holders, the phase 1 ‘Safer Social Sector Partnership’ led by NCVO, and the *Safeguarding Programme Group.

* The Safeguarding Training Fund is part of a wider piece of work between Government, the sector, and regulators, known as the Protecting People from Harm (PPH) programme. The PPH programme is overseen by the Safeguarding Programme Group. The role of this group is to provide direction and scrutiny for the cross-sector work on domestic charity safeguarding matters, and also bullying and harassment. Partners include Charity Commission, DCMS, ACEVO, NAVCA, NSPCC, and the Fund.

The type of organisation we are looking for

To be successful in this phase we anticipate applicants will:-

  • Have a strong commitment to safeguarding/safe culture embedded in their organisation, work, and networks
  • Be passionate about supporting other organisations to improve their safeguarding/safe culture practice above their own organisational ambitions
  • Ideally have existing strong networks to give them the necessary reach
  • Ideally be able to provide match funding of 25% or equivalent in kind contributions to support this work
  • Be a champion for safeguarding/safe culture and be recognised externally as such
  • Be a strong convener able to build lasting networks to sustain the profile of safeguarding/safe culture and enable self-support in local areas.

What’s available?

We are looking to support approximately 5 - 10 organisations with grants in the region of £50,000 to £115,000 from October 2019 until the end of March 2022. Please be aware that no further applications are being accepted to this programme.


Who can apply?

We have recently invited a small number of organisations who expressed an interest in funding, to submit a final application for funding. No further applications are being accepted.


Please be aware that we are not accepting any more applications to the programme.

What happens when?

Please be aware all dates are approximate.

3 September 2019 23:59

Deadline for full applications

Early October 2019

Decisions issued. We expect to award between 5 and 10 grants

31 March 2022

Grant ends

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