Climate action - other funders

If you're unsuccessful with our funding, or the Climate Action Fund is not right for you, you may want to consider other funders.

Contact individual organisations for what opportunities they currently have, their eligibility criteria and whether or not they accept unsolicited applications.


Other possible funders

Broad climate change

Funding that’s supported a wide range of climate and environment initiatives, rather than having a specific thematic focus. Different amounts of funding have been available - from small grants to larger and longer-term grants.

Energy use, storage and creation

Funding specifically looking at the role of energy, such as renewable energy and low-carbon technologies.

Energy advice

The Energy Redress scheme and E.O.N Next Fund both offer funding opportunities for household energy bills.

Energy efficiency

Transmission Net Zero Fund for support on electric vehicle transport and improving energy efficiency.

Find more funding opportunities relevant to community energy organisations in England

Environmental justice, campaigning and grassroots action

Key areas of focus for these funders include climate and social justice and reducing inequalities, particularly for those more vulnerable and hardest hit by climate change. Funding has also supported projects to develop grassroots campaigning, activism and social movements.


Funding focused on climate and environmental action looking at food systems and structures.

Nature and land use

Funding has covered areas such as improving biodiversity, creating and increasing community outdoor spaces and connecting people to nature, conservation, education, and environmental restoration and recovery.

Policy, finance and economy

Not all funding programmes have had a specific climate action focus but funding has supported areas such as community business and shares, innovative finance, influencing policy, values and attitudes, systemic change, and projects seeking to develop a fair economy and challenging power.