Gwireddu Uchelgais

Yn helpu pobl ifanc i osgoi'r llwybrau sy'n arwain at droseddu

Ledled y DU
Cyfanswm ar gael
Hyd at £25 miliwn
Terfyn amser ymgeisio
Gweld manylion y rhaglen

What's it all about?

This programme is now closed to new applications

We know there are some outstanding projects across the UK that divert young people away from pathways into offending. These projects give young people positive opportunities and help them develop their potential and ambitions.

The Realising Ambition programme is providing support to voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations from across the UK and their partners to:

  • prevent young people aged 8 to 14-years-old from taking pathways into offending
  • build the evidence base of ‘what works’
  • replicate what works in new geographic areas.

The National Lottery Community Fund has now provided £25 million to Catch22 to transform outcomes for children and young people.

Catch22 is leading a consortium involving Substance, The Social Research Unit, The Young Foundation and Rathbone. This consortium is managing and supporting a portfolio of 25 projects, each of which has now been awarded up to £1.6 million over three to five years.

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