Gweithgareddau Positif i Bobl Ifanc

Yn darparu ystod eang o weithgareddau i helpu i droi pobl ifanc i ffwrdd o ymwneud â throseddu

Ledled y DU
Cyfanswm ar gael
£12.7 miliwn
Terfyn amser ymgeisio
Gweld manylion y rhaglen

What's it all about?

This programme is closed for applications

The total available in each country:

England £12.7 million
Wales £750,000

The Department for Education and Skills and New Opportunities Fund are joining forces with Youth Justice Board, Home Office and Department for Culture, Media and Sport, to combine existing Connexions Summer Plus and Splash schemes and run a new Positive Activities for Young People scheme, which was launched this summer, to give greater help and support to vulnerable young people.

The delivery of this programme focuses mainly on a regional structure based around Government Offices. Essentially, the Government Offices have identified a range of lead organisations/providers (i.e. Youth Offending Teams, Connexions Services etc) at the local level and have established a working partnership to oversee the programme in each region.

Funding available under this programme has been allocated to the regional Government Offices. The first year of projects has now finished, and the Government Offices are beginning work on planning their second year of activities.


The total funding for this programme has yet to be announced, but it is expected that the scheme will run for three years. The combined budgets for the first year was £25 million.

Confirmed contributions comprise of £30 million from the Connexions Service, £12 million of National Lottery money from the New Opportunities Fund (committed so far, for the first year of the programme), £2 million from the Youth Justice Board and £1.5 million from the Home Office’s Community Cohesion Unit.

Programmes aims

This programme will provide a broad range of activities to help divert young people from taking part in criminal activity, as well as helping those at risk of being socially excluded, by giving them a chance to fulfil their potential. Broadly, the programme aims to:

  • reduce crime and anti-social behaviour both in the short term and long term.
  • support children and young people back into education or training and help them stay there.
  • ensure that children are supported as they move from primary to secondary school.
  • provide access to quality arts, sports and cultural activities, and allow those with an interest and/or talent in any area to continue after the programme has ended.
  • bring together young people from different geographical and ethnic communities to help break down prejudice and misunderstanding.
  • give young people opportunities for personal development, including the development of self-discipline, self-respect and self-confidence, enabling them to communicate more effectively with a range of people and work effectively in a team; and
  • encourage young people to contribute to their communities through volunteering and active citizenship.

Each scheme will provide appropriate developmental and constructive recreational activities to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in those areas over the holiday periods. Typically schemes will run a range of sports, arts and other cultural activities as well as engaging young people in personal development tasks.

The programme aims to engage young people over the school holidays, targeting 9-19 year olds at risk of offending and exclusion. It is recognised that many of these young people will be excluded from school or have poor attendance records and are likely to have a poor level of academic achievement.