Mewn Dwylo Da

Mae Cronfa Gymunedol y Loteri Genedlaethol yn bwriadu buddsoddi £4.74 miliwn mewn rhaglen sydd â'r nod o wella cyfleoedd bywyd plant sy’n derbyn gofal yng Nghymru

Cyfanswm ar gael
£4.74 miliwn
Terfyn amser ymgeisio

What's it all about?

The National Lottery Community Fund is to invest £4.74 million in a programme that aims to improve the life chances of looked after children in Wales.

Our research indicates that looked after children and young people are more likely than the average child to have poor outcomes including poor educational achievement, increased likelihood of mental health problems, of becoming involved in crime and substance misuse and of becoming unemployed or homeless. A very high proportion of the prison population has had experience of the care system.

The number of children classified as “looked after” in Wales increased by 23 per cent in the five years to March 2013 to a total of 5,769, with nine per cent having three or more placements during a year. The majority (4,463) of these were in foster care placements. Studies show that the multiple and complex transitions experienced by many looked after children presents barriers and often results in the lack of a significant adult with a constant positive presence into adulthood.

As a result of our analysis, the Fund identified a need to provide early intervention support for this vulnerable group of children and young people.