Ymmdiriedolaeth Cyfran Deg

Ymddiriedolaeth Cyfran Deg

Ledled y DU
Yn addas ar gyfer
Mudiad gwirfoddol neu gymunedol
Maint yr ariannu
£5,000 - £250,000
Cyfanswm ar gael
Terfyn amser ymgeisio
Gweld manylion y rhaglen

What’s it all about?

Some parts of the UK missed out on Lottery funding in the past.

Fair Share has been helping to change that.

The Fair Share Trust is a £50 million trust providing sustained funding in Fair Share Areas until 2013. The Community Foundation Network is the sole UK trustee and has appointed delivery agents in each of the Fair Share areas. Selected neighbourhoods in each area are receiving targeted support from these agents, and local people are getting the opportunity to make decisions on where the funding goes.

Targeted at 77 areas, Fair Share was the first joint initiative from the New Opportunities Fund and the Community Fund - now merged as The National Lottery Community Fund. The Fair Share Trust is the last remaining strand of this initiative.

The Fair Share Trust aims to:

  • Build Capacity and Sustainability by involving local communities in decision-making about Lottery funding.
  • Build Social Capital by building links within and between communities to promote trust and participation.
  • Improve liveability by improving the living environment for communities.

Projects can be solicited or commissioned by the Local Agent or developed as a partnership bid, but the programme is generally not intended to be an open grants programme.

Find out more at the Fair Share Trust website.