Our commitment

Repowering London

Our Environment Strategy:

  1. We are committed to delivering dedicated funding to support climate action. Currently, we are doing this through the Climate Action Fund, Together for Our Planet and the pilot climate top-up schemes in Wales and Northern Ireland. We are continuing to develop ways for National Lottery funding to support people and communities tackle the climate emergency.
  2. We will support the wider community and voluntary sector to reduce its environmental impact. We provide guidance and inspiration to grant holders on how to reduce their environmental footprint and good examples of community-led climate action, as well as deliver eventsto support climate action across the UK.
  3. We are committed to reducing our own carbon impact. We recently achieved Planet Mark certification and have set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually. Over the last decade we’ve been working to reduce our own environmental footprint by, for example, reducing the amount of waste we divert to landfill and improving our recycling rates and having a network of 36 Green champions in our employees who organise environmental awareness raising activities.