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Reduce your environmental footprint

The Outdoor Partnership

The National Lottery Community Fund cares about our environment. We seek to manage our environmental impact, and we encourage and support projects and communities to do the same.

Reduce your waste, energy & water use

The National Lottery Community Fund believes we all have a responsibility to decrease our negative impact on the environment - this includes the communities and projects we support. To ensure we look after our environment for future generations, we all need to reduce waste, energy and water use.

The Carbon Trust's waste and recycling guide uses the 'Waste Hierarchy' approach to reduce and manage waste. This internationally-recognised guide will take you through five steps towards good practice waste management. This includes avoiding waste in the first instance to waste disposal as a last resort, and everything in between such as options for reusing, recycling and recovering waste.

The Carbon Trust also offers guidance on Energy and Water Efficiency You can also find out how to switch to a green and competitive energy supplier through social business Big Clean Switch

If you’d like more advice on action you can take to save energy at home, the Energy Savings Trust offers an advice page on grants, wall and loft insulation, replacing your central heating and renewable energy technologies.

Think about the environmental impact of your event

Considering the environment during your event planning is a simple and effective way to save resources, time and money.

  1. Consider inviting people through digital platforms and word of mouth to reduce the number of paper invites needed. If you must print invitations, use recycled paper.

  2. Avoid using plastic items. Balloons can be replaced with eye-catching, reusable streamers, flags, banners or windmills. People can bring their own cups and cutlery, or you can borrow some.

  3. Borrow/reuse/upcycle anything you can. Buying all new items will not only eat into your budget and you might only use them once.

  4. Clearly label waste stations to help people separate any recyclable material. The Eden Project has great zero-waste event tips.

  5. Ask people to leave their cars at home and walk, cycle or get public transport to the event and encourage car sharing amongst those that do need to drive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Get environmental help, support and information

  • If you run a community centre or maintain gardens and woodlands, the Wales Council for Voluntary Action provides excellent advice on how you can help make space for nature

  • Renew Wales offers peer-to-peer support to help communities take action against climate change. The organisation puts communities in touch with Peer Mentors who are able to share their knowledge and experience to inspire, support and enable others, and move people to take action on climate change at a community level.

  • WCVA Invest in Nature Cymru is a Welsh Government funded programme working to support any community group or third sector organisation wanting to start or develop an environmental project. It offers a telephone help and information service and can provide information about resources that will help you start or strengthen environmental activities.