Responding to the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is affecting us all. People are worried about putting food on the table, affording the train to work, and paying for gas and electricity. Charities are finding themselves overwhelmed with enquiries, while staff and utility costs have soared and volunteers are struggling to commit the time they used to be able to give.

But we’re also seeing incredible work in communities to support those who are most affected. We’re proud to support initiatives where people are leading the change in their communities, addressing the issues that matter to them. And we’ve long supported charities and community groups right across the UK working to address cost of living issues.

Here we are sharing what we’re learning from them - both in the immediate crisis and from their longer-term work supporting communities.

We’re doing this research and analysis at pace, hoping to give you live reviews of what we’re seeing and hearing. Given this approach, there will be things we’ve missed or misunderstood, or maybe haven’t seen yet. We welcome corrections, updates, and challenge, so we can improve and develop this work. And we’d love to hear if these findings resonate with what you’re seeing in your community. You can get in touch with us at

Last updated: Wednesday 8 February, 2023