Greater Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire will receive £4,166,667 Building Better Opportunities funding.

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Greater Lincolnshire MOVE

Through the MOVE project advisors offer one to one support to help participants identify their passions and ambitions, and plan to achieve suitable roles. Participants have access to a large range of training and qualifications, while employability support includes CV writing, help with applications and practice interviews. Support is ongoing after participants start work, volunteering or training. The programme can also help participants to develop their skills and experiences through practical activities such as volunteering’.

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Engagement into Learning

This project aims to provide learning opportunities to people who are out of work, in order to help them acquire skills, knowledge and competencies that will help them move towards and into employment. It will introduce new provision; publicising it and removing obstacles to accessing it, especially for the most disadvantaged local people.

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Money Lincs

This project focusses on debt and money management. Individual Money Mentors, located throughout the county, provide a tailored action plan, helping participants to not only manage their money but also guide them in achieving life, work and training goals. As well as building action plans and teaching money skills, the project offers support with debts, crisis resolution and access to financial products.

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Steps Forward

This project is supporting the Economically Inactive, and is aimed at people further from the labour market than the other BBO projects in Greater Lincolnshire. Many participants may progress on to one of the other BBO projects. As such it provides more in-depth and longer-term support to tackle the significant barriers they face.

This project focusses on addressing gaps in provision, reach those who are not currently receiving support, and offering early intervention before problems become entrenched.

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