Apply by video

Apply by video

How to apply for a programme by video

For some programmes, you can send us a video instead of writing about your project idea. The application form for the programme will say if you can apply by video.

What we need in your video

You need to make sure that your video provides all the information we’ve asked for in the application guidance. You should use this video to answer the ‘Tell us about your idea’ section in the application form.

How to make your video

Don’t worry too much about the style of the video. We just need the sound to be clear and be able to hear what you’re saying.

Avoid filming in places with too much background noise like outdoors, in a busy café or office. A quiet empty room’s a good place to film in. You can film it on a phone if you want.

Your video should be about 5 minutes long but no longer than 12 minutes.

If you're going to take videos of people taking part in your project, make sure you get their consent first. You'd normally do this with a consent form. Find information about consent from the Information Committions Office (ICO).

How we’ll view your video

We’ll only access your video through the website that’s hosting it (which is also called the ‘host site’). Our internal system will only have a copy of the link to the video and not the video itself. We’ll watch the video and write a summary of it. It’ll be viewed by staff looking at your application and taking part in our panel.

It’s your responsibility to remove the video from the host site after a final decision is made. Read the host site’s own privacy notice.

Examples of video hosting sites include Dropbox, Google Drive or YouTube.

If you’re using YouTube, choose an unlisted YouTube video, as this will not be seen publicly.

Enter the full website address (URL) for your video. Make sure the website address is correct so we can watch your video. The full website address will include all the letters and symbols at the beginning of the URL. This includes the http:// or https:// at the start.

How we’ll assess your video

If you choose to apply by video, you’ll be assessed exactly the same as if you’d applied in writing.

Any questions?

Contact us.