Putting Communities First: Our impact report

In October 2021, we published Our Commitment to Communities and said that we would use data and evidence to inform our strategy. We also committed to measuring, understanding and sharing what works, why, and where the challenges and opportunities lie.

Our first ever comprehensive Impact Report, Putting Communities First, is an important step in this journey.

It tells a powerful story of the reach, scale and contribution of the £3.4 billion we have awarded over the last five years, including our dedicated coronavirus crisis funding in 2020.

The report demonstrates how over 72,000 charities and community organisations support people and communities across the UK to be resilient, thrive, and prosper.

For the first time we look across all our funding and describe its impact and what it enables for our grant holders, and the people and communities they work with.

The results are remarkable; revealing the vital role that grassroots community activity has in generating local social capital and building critical social infrastructure.

We also focus on six key areas that are priorities in our funding: supporting thriving communities; giving opportunity to young people; promoting employment and employability; helping those most in need in our society; the climate and net zero challenge; and our dedicated crisis funding during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Headline findings

Last updated: Tuesday 3 May, 2022