Learning from communities: tips, ideas and solutions

In a typical year, we support 13,000 communities across the UK. We’ve listened and reviewed their studies to find out what’s worked, what’s challenging – and we’ve used this insight to create these practical tips and share real-life, everyday examples of what they've found helpful.

We haven’t done this to tell you what to do, or how to do it – we’re simply sharing ideas and examples about what's worked for others.

And we know you all work in different contexts with different challenges and opportunities so you know what’s best for you, but hopefully these give you inspiration or some ideas you could try.


These pages tell stories of grant holders and staff and share examples of what has worked well for others. You should not rely on this information as an alternative to professional advice. The National Lottery Community Fund does not endorse any external content linked to in these pages.

Last updated: Friday 9 February, 2024