2023/24 Community Research Index

Research highlights

  • People feel part of their community across the UK. At least six in 10 people (61%) said they feel part of their local community, both across the UK and in each individual country.
  • Half of people plan to volunteer. The majority (64%) of people told us they are willing to work with others to improve their local area, with half (50%) planning to volunteer in 2024.
  • People feel positive about their communities. Respondents rated their local areas favourably in categories including access to green space (80%), overall quality of life (70%), and education opportunities (68%).
  • Communities are motivated to tackle the effects of climate change. Half (50%) told us they feel personally motivated to engage in climate action, and a similar proportion told us they are optimistic that the worst long-term impacts could still be prevented (48%).
  • People are clear on their priorities to help areas ‘level up’. The majority of people told us they want to see increased access to affordable housing (58%) and reduced poverty and deprivation (57%).
  • Responding to the rising cost of living is the top priority for community wellbeing. When asked what was most important for community wellbeing, people’s top three priorities were support with the rising cost of living (30%), looking out for one another (25%), reducing loneliness (23%), and preventing youth violence (20%).