2022/23 Community Research Index

Research highlights

  • Young people (18-34) are more likely to feel part of their community than those aged over 35, are more likely to think this is important, and are the most likely age group to say they intend to volunteer this year.
  • Food banks (42%), supporting older people (35%) and supporting young people (25%) were among the most popular areas chosen by people who intend to volunteer, showing that communities recognise where support is most needed.
  • More people (42%) felt the COVID-19 pandemic had strengthened community spirit than weakened it (18%), demonstrating how we come together to get through times of crisis.
  • People tended to think their communities were doing well compared to others in terms of, among other areas, education facilities (72%), community spaces (71%), quality of life (70%) and wellbeing (62%). This shows us that communities across the UK see positives and strengths in their local areas, in spite of the challenges 2023 may bring.
  • Support with the rising cost of living is one of people’s main priorities for this year. They expect food banks, financial advice charities and housing services to be in demand. Most also said they’ve already cut their own spending, more than a third (41%) have gone without heating, three in ten (28%) have skipped meals, and a quarter (25%) have borrowed money from friends or family.