Thinking of applying for funding?

Thinking of applying for funding?

We award money raised by National Lottery players to fund great ideas that help communities to thrive.

Groups can apply to us for funding under £20,000, or over £20,001, depending on what they want to do.

Within this section, you can find information on:

  • types of projects we fund
  • who can apply for funding
  • what makes a good application
  • how much money can we offer and for how long
  • costs we can and can’t fund
  • what your organisations needs in place to apply
  • where you can get help setting up an organisation
  • what types of organisation can apply
  • who we can’t accept applications from.

Our funding is public money. This means that it cannot be used to give organisations an unlawful advantage. You can find out more about the subsidy rules.