Sustainable Steps Wales Green Careers - Vehicle guidance

This guidance is for organisations looking to buy a vehicle as part of their Sustainable Steps Wales - Green Careers application.

We'll only fund fully electric vehicles. This does not include hybrid vehicles.

If you’re applying for funding to buy a vehicle you’ll need to provide extra information in addition to the application form.

You need to send us:

  1. an options appraisal
  2. the vehicle specification
  3. a budget for the vehicle over the life of the grant
  4. 3 quotes for the purchase.

Options appraisal

When you’re considering the purchase of a vehicle, think about the best option for your project and the planet. Vehicle emissions can contribute to climate change and public health problems.

Tell us about different options you have considered and why you have chosen your preferred option. This is known as an options appraisal.

As well as environmental issues, your options appraisal should consider the positives and negatives of different travel options for the project and your organisation.

This could include options such as:

  • walking, cycles or scooters to purchase or hire
  • bus, rail or tram tickets
  • vehicle sharing, car clubs and community transport
  • lease or hire of an electric vehicle
  • buying an electric vehicle.

If you only need a vehicle at certain times, it may be cheaper to have a monthly or annual budget to hire or lease a vehicle when needed.

There may be alternative community transport options in the area or other local groups whose vehicles you could use. You can find out more information about community transport in Wales from the Community Transport Association.

Vehicle considerations

Choosing a vehicle

We'll only fund fully electric vehicles. This does not include hybrid vehicles.

Vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. Think about your needs and the needs of any passengers, particularly those with disabilities. Our funding can be used to purchase either a new or used vehicle.

For a used vehicle, we would expect the vehicle to be in very good condition, with appropriate service history, warranty, and MOT.

What we’ll need to know

You need to provide us with a specification for a particular type of vehicle.

You need to show us that the vehicle is good value for public money.

We’ll require 3 quotes for the vehicle. These should be from established dealers or traders and on a letterheaded document.
We may ask to see proof of your vehicle registration, insurance, MOT and warranty.

Using your vehicle

The vehicle cannot be used for private gain or have private ownership.

You’ll be expected to keep the vehicle safely, in good repair and condition.

Your budget should consider ongoing running costs. These could include servicing and MOT, tax, driver training, insurance, storage or garaging and how you will charge your vehicle.

Although we fund running costs, we cannot fund contingency maintenance costs. So, any costs of potential breakdown or repairs cannot be included within the budget.

You’ll be expected to know what licencing you need for your vehicle and to stay up to date with legal and technical requirements.

You cannot sell or give away the vehicle during the lifetime of the project without our written permission.

A low carbon travel policy

We expect you to develop your own low carbon travel policy to help tackle climate change. This might involve developing a green (or active) travel plan. There are helpful organisations who can provide advice in this area, such as The Energy Saving Trust or Sustrans.

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