Key data about The National Lottery Community Fund: financial year 2018/19


Key statistics

  • we funded 12,000+ new projects
  • we made over 1 award every hour to new projects
  • We funded over 26,900 live projects at least one in every local authority
  • 6,656 projects supporting health and wellbeing
  • 1,298 projects improving education and life skills
  • 850 employment and enterprise projects
  • 1,586 more active communities
  • 6,853 projects that bring communities together
  • 979 environmental projects

For thematic statistics (eg. environmental, health and wellbeing, etc), we've counted projects which include these themes, but not exclusively.

Grant data

Across our grant making the Fund is committed to transparency so that people in the lead have the information they need. We work with the 360Giving initiative to publish our grant data. We have used the 360Giving standard to produce a file of all the grants we have made 2004 onwards.

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