Strategy overview

L'Arche Village, Northern Ireland

Strategy 2023 at a glance

Our purpose

We support activities that create resilient communities that are more inclusive and environmentally sustainable - activities that will strengthen society and improve lives across the UK.

It starts with community.

Our community-led missions and what we’ll achieve by 2030

We’ll support communities to come together by:

  • creating accessible, welcoming places, both physical and virtual, for people to meet
  • initiating engaging and inclusive activities that support connections within and between groups of people
  • enabling people from all backgrounds to shape the future of their communities
  • cultivating an increased sense of belonging.

We’ll support environmentally sustainable communities that:

  • reduce carbon emissions and negative environmental impact
  • create positive environmental impacts
  • establish equality of access to the natural environment
  • improve the quality of natural spaces.

We’ll enable children and young people to thrive by:

  • creating opportunities for children and young people from all backgrounds to enjoy community experiences
  • helping children and young people shape the decisions that affect them and their communities
  • providing children and young people access to safe spaces to play, participate, socialise and get support.

We’ll enable people to live healthier lives by:

  • helping reduce health inequalities
  • increasing opportunities for community participation to shape better health services
  • taking a preventative approach to health.

Our approach

  • An equity-based approach to tackle inequality
  • Supporting communities to build from their strengths
  • Supporting what matters most to different communities
  • Flexible grant making model with small one-off grants starting from £300 up to £20,000, to longer term grants and strategic significant partnership investments.

Our values

We are:

  • inclusive
  • ambitious
  • impact focused
  • adaptable
  • compassionate.