Where we'll start

Enabling communities to connect

Our work starts with the building blocks that enable communities to connect, build relationships and take action on what matters most to them.

And when people come together across generations, backgrounds and experiences – something powerful happens. Civil society organisations provide vital spaces, activities and opportunities for people to come together. These connections are the bonds that strengthen society and improve lives.

We support communities

That’s why we fund and support communities to take action on what matters most to them. And it’s why from Autumn 2023, we’re increasing funding for smaller, community projects by doubling the size of our easy to apply for, National Lottery Awards for All grants to £20,000.

Our society faces some big and urgent challenges, which require bold responses. Communities are demanding bolder, long-term change, and more power to shape the future. That’s why we’re increasing our focus and investment in creating lasting change, through targeted missions aimed at strengthening society and improving lives. And why we’ll partner with communities, civil society organisations and others to build this change.

Equitable funding

We know not all communities have the opportunities or the right set-up to come together. So, while our funding is available to all communities, we’ll invest most where the need is greatest, with people, places and communities who experience poverty, disadvantage and discrimination.

We listen

This strategy is shaped by our day-to-day work, and by what we heard through our conversations with communities, civil society organisations and others in 2022, involving over 18,000 interactions.

As the largest single source of community funding in the UK we help communities flourish. We provide the funding, they put the money to work.