National Lottery Emergency Funding Impact Report

Rhubarb Farm

The Evaluation of the National Lottery COVID-19 Fund summarises the findings from research conducted between November 2020 and June 2021 about the impact the emergency funding had on the people and communities that were supported, the organisations that were funded, and the volunteers involved.

The National Lottery Community Fund used a blended model to distribute the 5,451 grants included in this research, through making new grant awards, increasing existing grants and using External Delegated Agreements. The research includes findings from surveys of 5,451 grantholders and 3,734 volunteers.

Grantholders reported a wide range of positive outcomes for beneficiaries as a result of the support delivered:

  • Nearly all (94%) said their beneficiaries had experienced more than one positive outcome.
  • 83% reported that people’s mental health and wellbeing improved.
  • 76% reported that people felt less lonely.
  • 69% reported people had more social contact.

To find out more read the full Evaluation of the National Lottery COVID-19 Fund and accompanying annexes.

This page was last updated: 19 October 2021.