Feeding back & feeding in

We hosted 16 hours of talk time with BBO stakeholders in autumn 2021, all about the two Cross-Cutting Themes. Many points of interest were aired, and much of it could spark further opportunities to share and learn from experiences, insights and dialogue.

More than 12 hours of talk time was preserved for grant holders and partnerships, or peer-to-peer discussion through a series of topical, thematic breakouts. We did this because we had heard from stakeholders that ‘peer-to-peer talk time’ was the number one priority. We’d like to review this with your input; we’d like to know whether this remains your number one priority moving forward.

Everyone can help shape our future BBO stakeholder sessions that can support and improve BBO partnerships. So please take the opportunity to feedback, and do some future gazing, using this link:

Feed back to us (6 short questions). It does not matter if you did not attend any CCT session, you can still feed in as some questions consider future sessions.

Thank you

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