Coast to Capital

This LEP covers the areas of Brighton and Hove, London Borough of Croydon, Gatwick Diamond, Lewes, West Sussex, Epsom and Ewell, Mole Valley, Reigate and Banstead, and Tandridge. The area will receive £5,335,000 of Building Better Opportunities investment.

Five of the ten project in the Coast to Capital LEP area will complement each other to increase social inclusion by developing community leadership and promoting informal and community learning.

Many people face multiple disadvantages and so could be eligible for more than one of the BBO projects in the CTC area. In such cases, it is up to the individual to choose which project they would prefer to engage with.


Make Trax engages with young people who are NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) or at risk of becoming NEET, to help them overcome challenges and barriers to move towards and into employment, education or training.

Youth unemployment in the Coast to Capital area is currently standing at 17.3 per cent, around 22,000 people. Youth unemployment makes up 37 per cent of total unemployment in the region, despite the age group making up just 18 per cent of the working age population.

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Inspiring the Working People of Tomorrow

A more general Building Better Opportunities programme, this project gives support to long term unemployed individuals towards and into employment. Building on and working with existing agencies and services, this project will meet the needs of those with no recent work history or no work history at all.

Participants will typically be at a significant distance from the labour market, often facing challenging, interconnected barriers to job entry and in need of support on multiple fronts. The project will help them achieve entry into employment, education, training or further job search; measurable movement towards the labour market; and increased motivation, self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Working Together for Work

Working Together for Work focuses on supporting the family unit as a whole, working to help one or more members of the household into employment, education, training or job search. The project supports families with multiple complex barriers to develop their skills, capabilities, talents and resilience.

Alongside services to help the adults of the family become work ready, the project will help their children’s learning and ambitions by working closely with other services and agencies, and providing support on a one to one basis and at family level. The project delivers courses for children and their parents (or carers) to learn together, and where adults can learn skills to support their children’s learning.

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Croydon Health Employment Partnership (CHEP)

The CHEP project assists people with mental health issues to overcome the barriers to work these issues can create. The project will help individuals to find and retain suitable paid employment, and to improve their quality of life through health and well-being. Individuals receive help to identify their skills and aspirations, and support with goal setting, job searching, CV writing, job applications and interview practice.

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East Surrey Pathways to Employment

East Surrey Pathway to Employment Project (PtE) supports participants living in housing insecurity and unsecured tenancies. This could be bed & breakfasts, temporary accommodation units, hostels or even a friend's spare room or sofa. As well as helping to identify solutions to their housing issues, participants receive 1-2-1 support with an employment advisor, and a range of additional support from counselling support, stress management and physical wellbeing courses, to job search skills, volunteering & work placements, and in work support.

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The Routes project supports people who are not engaging with mainstream provision, engaging them at the community level. This includes people who have difficulty accessing employment and training provision, who lack literacy, numeracy and other basic skills, those without transport to access mainstream provision, and people who prefer community provision for personal or cultural reasons.

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SEEK Project (Social Enterprise Entrepreneurs Kit)

This particular project aims to support people who are out of work to set up new social enterprises, and develop the necessary skills for self-employment as social entrepreneurs.

This project will help establish stronger and more resilient new social enterprises in the Coast to Capital area. Social enterprises bring an entrepreneurial approach to addressing social issues and creating positive community change, helping to strengthen the community, economy and labour market. Coast to Capital LEP is keen to harness the potential of social enterprises in particular, and community provision more broadly. Currently, Social Enterprise Mark UK‟s map shows only two accredited social enterprises in the area.

As social enterprises reinvest surplus back into the business the community, creating and strengthening social enterprises, is an efficient way of maximising the impact that can be gained locally from funding.

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Local Learning Perspectives

This project develops and delivers community-led provision to deliver basic and social skills provision at the local community level.

Activities including gardening, catering, sport and sewing are all used to help with numeracy and literacy, confidence building, business skills. Individual support is also provided to participants to address underlying issues, and provide learning opportunities to enhance skills.

The project aims to increase provision of community based learning and take up levels of learning opportunities.

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Get Socially Active

Get Socially Active supports participants into employment within local social enterprises. The project will explore the potential of community groups and social enterprises to act as employers, create jobs and deliver social inclusion initiatives.

By then end of the project, Get Socially Active will have created jobs within social enterprises and supported the development of stronger, more resilient social enterprises established in local areas.

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WAVES (Work and Voluntary Experience to Succeed)

Waves focusses on volunteering and work experience as a route to employment. The project sources volunteering or work experience opportunities for participants, and supports them to maximise their learning and experience from these opportunities. Alongside this support, Waves provide will provide wider training, advice and support to help participants progress towards and into employment.

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