Places Called Home - Share Your Story

Sharing your story

Congratulations on your Places Called Home funding from IKEA UK and The National Lottery Community Fund.

It’s important that as many people as possible know about your project, what activities you are planning and that it has been made possible thanks to National Lottery players and IKEA UK.

We want to inspire, enable and resource people to invest in their local community as an extension of their home, building on the energy and creativity of communities coming together during the crisis to support each other.

This toolkit gives some hints and tips on how you, and your project, can do that.

How to use this toolkit

This toolkit will help you share your story about your funding, let local people know about your plans and thank National Lottery players and IKEA UK for their support.

You can do this anytime from Thursday 14 October 2021 when we will publicly announce all our Places Called Home grants.

We are encouraging everyone to join us on that day and share their good news. Here are some ways you can do this.

Logo and branding

It's important that people involved with your project understand that it's been supported and funded by IKEA UK and The National Lottery Community Fund.

Please use the Places Called Home logo on all public-facing materials including:

  • press releases
  • posters
  • leaflets
  • presentations
  • your website.

Download the Places Called Home logo

Use this logo on all public-facing materials (for example, a press release). This can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link:

Download logo in English

Download logo in Welsh

Minimum size requirements
You'll need to meet our minimum size requirements whether you're using the logo online or in a printed format:

  • print is 44mm wide x 14mm high
  • screen is 125px wide x 40px high.

Always use the logo supplied through official channels and never adapt or recreate it.

Share your good news in the media

Download the template press release to announce your new funding and promote your project to your local media.

Read our advice on how you can get in touch with your local media and share your press release.

Let your local elected representative know

If you want to let your local elected representative know the fantastic news about your new grant - such as your:

  • Member of Parliament (MP)
  • Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)
  • Member of the Senedd (MS) in Wales
  • Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Northern Ireland

You can write to them using the template email/letter.

You can use the following websites to find your elected representatives:

Use pictures to tell your story

Eye-catching and inspiring photos of your project and people bring your story to life, online, in the press and on social media. Follow best practices:

  • get permission to use the photos
  • make sure they are of good quality
  • use pictures showing people involved in your project
  • include Places Called Home logo if possible.

Social media

We love seeing your posts and photos celebrating your grant and the work your project is doing.

Spread the word on social media using #PlacesCalledHome and #NationalLottery and the following tags when making announcements, sharing press coverage or stories:

  • Twitter: @IKEAUK / @TNLCommunityFund
  • Facebook: @IKEA / @TNLCommunityFund

Your social media post could include:

“Thank you @IKEAUK and @TNLCommunityFund for our £[grant amount] #PlacesCalledHome funding to [project name]. [Include information on what the project will do with the funding and include images, and link to your website if you have one]”  

You can also download a picture we have created for you to post on your social media.

How to make a post on Twitter and Facebook


On mobile

1. Log into Twitter.

2. Click on your profile picture at the top left of your Twitter feed.

3. Click profile. Here you will see a blue button with a white pen.

4. Click this to start your tweet.

On the web from a desktop

1. Log into your project’s Twitter.

2. On your home page, you will see the field to write a tweet at the top.

Below is a view of the box on Twitter from a desktop

3. Once you have your box to tweet ready,

4. Type your tweet into the text box where it says ‘What’s happening?’.

5. To include our tag and hashtag, write into that text box in a place of your choice: #PlacesCalledHome and @IKEAUK @TNLComFund.

Be aware you have a limit of 280 characters, so keep your tweet short and sweet.

6. To add an image/video you click the image icon at the bottom of the tweet box. Once you’re happy with your tweet, press tweet.


1. Log in to Facebook on mobile or web.

2. Visit your project’s Facebook page.

3. Click the create post button. This should appear near the top of the page, above your other posts.

4. When you click create post, you will be able to add text into the body of the box.

create Facebook post example

5. Once you’re happy with your text, tag us by writing @TNLCommunityFund.

6. A new option box will appear with our page at the top.

7. Click our page name to add the tag. For the Ikea tag, you type @IKEA and follow the same steps.

8. To include our hashtag, just write #PlacesCalledHome.

9. Once your tag is added it should appear blue.

Facebook tagging example

How to add photos or videos to your Facebook post

1. Click the image icon below the text field.

2. This will take you to your personal folders.

3. Add your chosen media.

4. Once you have your post ready, click post.