Eco Ranger Group Larne

Environmental community project

The Eco Ranger Group Larne brings their community together to improve the local environment. The group used a £10,000 grant to buy equipment for community clean-up activities.

This project brought people together to improve important spaces and places. The group’s members are all keen volunteers from Larne and the surrounding area. Together, the volunteers collect litter and care for their local environment. Shared spaces including parks, rivers, beaches, streets and housing estates have been transformed.

Equipment provided by their National Lottery Awards for All grant has made their work easier and safer. This included litter pickers and fluorescent jackets. These also make volunteers more visible when they’re out and about – spreading the word to the community.

The group formed in October 2020 and quickly grew to over 500 members of all ages. By volunteering together, everyone involved has developed new friendships and is less isolated. The project also provided an opportunity for exercise, improving mental and physical well-being. The group educated local community groups and schools, sharing the environmental impact litter has on communities.

Thanks to the hard work of Eco Ranger Group Larne, the community have a newfound sense of pride in their town. Shared public spaces are more welcoming and safer to use. This encourages the community to continue to look after their local environment.

The project has also had positive impact for nature. By removing polluting litter, the local environment is cleaner and greener.

What advice do Larne Eco Rangers have for groups considering applying to National Lottery Awards for All?

Think about the environmental impact your community project will have. Have a read through the environmental impact section of the programme information before you finalise your idea.

Volunteers from Eco Ranger Group Larne at Carrickfergus Castle