Download the Living Places and Spaces logo

Congratulations on receiving your grant!

As part of your grant, we ask you to use this logo where you can.

living places and spaces logo

Using the logo will show people who benefit from your work that you've received funding through the Living Places and Spaces Fund.

Only projects that have been awarded a grant can use this logo, so we hope you will see it as a recognition of your success.

You should use this logo on any materials you produce, like posters or leaflets. You should also show it on your website and social media if you have them.

Please use the logo exactly as it is - we've designed the logo to work as a single piece of artwork. Please do not alter or remove any part of it, including changing the colours, or cropping the white space around the logo.

Download the Living Places and Spaces logo

Use this logo on all public-facing materials (for example, a press release). This can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link:

Download logo

You need to show us how the logo will look on any materials before you publish them anywhere

You should send a PDF of how the logo will look on all of your materials. They need to approve these before they go to print. 


Logos are available in two file formats:

  • JPEG - we recommend the ‘JPEG’ format for most day-to-day uses, including for Word documents, websites or social media.
  • ‘EPS’ format, sometimes referred to as a ‘vector’ file. This file will only work in professional design software, and should be used for large-scale print and merchandise (like banners and pop-up stands).

We want the logo to be readable and recognisable. So please make sure that it's not smaller than 30mm in height on any printed material.

If you use it on your website, make sure it's large enough to be clearly legible. It should also never be stretched or distorted.

Any Questions

If you have any questions about publicising your grant, email the Department for Infrastructure at

Sharing your story

We’ll publish the good news about your grant on our website. 

Publicising your project is important so that people can learn about the work you’re doing with support from the Department for Infrastructure.

Social Media

One of the easiest ways you can publicise your grant and promote the work that you do is on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

If you do, please tag us and the Department for Infrastructure:

  • Twitter: @TNLComFundNI & @Deptinfra
  • Facebook: @TNLCommunityFundNorthernIreland & @Departmentforinfrastructure

Press Releases

You need to run any press releases by the Department for Infrastructure first.

You should thank the Department for Infrastructure in any press release, or any other type of media activity to do with the funding we’ve awarded to you. 

You need to send a copy of your draft press release to The Department before you publish it. Send any draft press releases to the Department for Infrastructure Press Office by emailing and give them at least three working days to get back to you.

The Department will sometimes add a quote to your press release to highlight the importance of the funding. The Department might also use their own press release to promote the funding.