Apply for funding under £10,000

Before you start

What information you need to apply

1. The details of two different people from your organisation

One person should be someone we can talk to if we have any questions about your project. The other should be a senior member of your organisation, who’ll be legally responsible for the funding. Both need to live in the UK.

The two people can’t:

  • be related by blood
  • be married to each other
  • be in a civil partnership with each other
  • be in a long-term relationship with each other
  • use the same email address in your application form

What details you’ll need:

  • names, email addresses, telephone numbers
  • home addresses
  • dates of birth

2. Details about your organisation

  • The legal name of your organisation
  • Your organisation’s address
  • What type of organisation it is (for example, a registered charity or not-for-profit company)

3. Your organisation’s accounts

We want to know the date your accounts end each year.
And how much income you have.

If you don’t have yearly accounts (because your organisation is less than 15 months old).
That’s okay. We can still look at your application.

4. Send us your bank statement

What we need

One bank statement dated within the last three months. So we can check the account you want us to pay the grant into.

We'll not be able to assess your application if you do not have a bank account and bank statement that meet our requirements below and you’ll need to reapply once you have these set up. If you’re not sure contact us

We need:

Our bank statement needs

It should show:

  • the bank logo
  • your organisation's legal name
  • the address the statements are sent to
  • your bank's name
  • the account number and sort code
  • date the statement was issued.

Here’s a handy picture of the kind of bank statement we’re looking for.

5. We ask for information about what sort of project you’d like to do

And how your project will help and involve your community.

6. If you’re not sure about the sort of things we ask for when you apply

Contact us

Ready to apply?

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Check you can apply
Before you spend time filling out an application form, we’ll ask a few questions to make sure you can apply first (using our ‘eligibility checker’). If you can’t apply, we’ll let you know why. This feedback should help, if you want to try again in future.
Able to apply
Fill out an online application
Tell us about your idea to help people improve their lives and communities. You’ll have up to three months to finish your online application form. Once you send us your application form, we’ll assess it.
Application assessed
We’ll decide to fund your project or not
We might get in touch to talk to you, and ask questions about your application. Then we’ll make a final decision to fund your project or not. If successful, you can promote your project and start managing your grant.

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