How we'll work

Sol Cafe, England

We’re flexible

In a fast-moving world, it’s crucial we’re flexible and able to adapt. So, over the course of this strategy, some things will naturally change. We’ll balance this but we’ll always remain clear on how we work.

Partnering with communities, civil society organisations, the public sector, as well as other funders, and business will be critical to success. We’ll particularly work with organisations who have a deep understanding of communities, people and issues. And in all the projects we support, people from communities must be meaningfully involved.

Our values and ways of working provide clarity on how we work with communities, partners and colleagues, as One Fund across the UK. Our five values reflect our core beliefs. We’ll embed and work to live these values in everything we do. And our six ways of working describe the key principles for how we fund and act to support communities.

Our Values

We are inclusive

We know that communities and organisations are stronger when everyone can participate, and work to increase inclusion.

We are ambitious

We believe in the power of community and connection and are ambitious for its potential. We support people and communities to shape the future and lead change.

We are impact focused

We are inspired by communities and learn with them. We listen, reflect and use evidence to create greater knowledge and understanding together.

We are adaptable

We welcome and embrace new ideas and ways of working.

We are compassionate

We work with care, consideration and humility.

Our ways of working

How we start

We start with, and build from, the strengths of individuals and communities. We listen to communities and trust in their abilities. We collaborate, provide support but also challenge, to help make great things happen.

Our processes

Simple processes, open ways of working. We operate with transparency, openly sharing information and requirements. We're honest, clear and straightforward, and provide and welcome respectful and clear feedback.

Open to all

Our funding is open to all communities, but we invest most in those with greatest need. We listen and use evidence to target resources to help communities overcome barriers and achieve their potential.

Our environmental focus

Positive action for the environment, climate and nature. We’re an environmentally regenerative funder, so our decision making and investment is focused on environmentally positive actions, climate adaptation, climate resilience and nature recovery.

Impact and learning

We use and invest in evidence, both lived and learned, and share what has and hasn’t worked. We’re creative, using our learning to adapt and help those we work with to do the same. We focus the funding we provide on where it can help make the biggest impact.


Making connections, building partnerships. Wherever possible, we build partnerships that bring together people with a common purpose. We encourage everyone we work with to collaborate and share their experiences with others.