Mind Our Future

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Mind Our Future will be open for applications in late Spring 2021. In the meantime, we want to share with you some information about our research, our approach, and what young people want to see from good projects so you can start thinking about how you could work with young people on a project.

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When: Launching late Spring with information events on June 8th, 14th, and 23rd, and July 2nd and 8th.

Suitable for
Partnerships must include at least one voluntary or community organisation and at least one public sector organisation
Our research

In March 2020 we recruited 10 incredible young people from across Wales to work with us, to design and carry out research into the issues that matter to young people in Wales, with support from ProMo Cymru and Ministry of Life.

As part of their research, the Young People in the Lead Wales Advisory Panel have been reaching out to young people across Wales and asking them what matters most to them and what keeps them awake at night.

We have also been listening closely to public and third sector organisations that support young people to find out what they’re hearing from young people. Together with the panel, ProMo Cymru and Ministry of Life we followed up our research with a series of co-design sessions to discuss what we had all learned.

Based on what we heard from young people, we agreed that £10 million of National Lottery money will be used to fund projects aimed at helping young people’s mental health and resilience, and that young people should take the lead in imagining and creating a more resilient and mentally healthy future as society rebuilds and recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our panel of young people highlighted some key areas from their research to help us understand what kind of difference this funding could make. These included:

  • Creating more support options and ensuring that young people can get the right support at the right time, wherever they turn to for help.
  • Moving away from seeing ‘support’ as something that can only be provided by formal services – young people want a range of options and for activity not traditionally seen as ‘mental health support’ to be better equipped to promote their mental health and resilience.
  • Young people need better signposting to ensure they know how to access the support and services that already exist.
  • It’s very important that young people’s diverse lived experience is reflected in the design and delivery of projects, programmes and services.
  • Young people see the value and effectiveness of peer support and activity-based approaches.

Above all, this programme aims to empower young people to make a difference to the mental health and resilience of current and future generations of young people in Wales.

Our approach

Young people have been at the heart of developing the Mind Our Future programme, and the co-production approach has been an important part of how The National Lottery Community Fund has worked with young people across Wales to create the grant programme.

The co-production approach has meant that young people have been equal partners with an equal say in the creation of the programme, and how funding will be used to support young people in Wales.

It’s important to us that young people continue to have a voice through the duration of the programme, so our Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel will continue to be involved in The National Lottery Community Fund’s decision making after the programme has launched.

What we're looking for

We will be providing everything you need to know about applying to Mind Our Future when it launches in the late Spring. However, in the meantime we asked our Young People in the Lead Wales advisory panel to tell us what is important to them when considering what a good project looks like:

As a team of young people, we're looking for partnerships that:

  • show they understand the importance of involving young people.
  • try out new ideas or ways of working.
  • have the ability to carry out what they say they want to do.
  • use a wide range of methods and techniques to empower young people to help co-design their project and don’t take a one-size fits all approach.
  • are actively looking for new partners and connections instead of working with the same organisations they always do.
  • understand how to bring different groups of young people together, give them a sense of belonging and make them feel part of a community with each other.

We want to see that:

  • applications are upfront about their strengths and limitations.
  • young people have been genuinely involved from the get-go and that they’ve been part of key decisions, including putting the application together.
  • no young people will be left out of a partnership’s plans to reach, involve and empower them.
  • partnerships know how to make their activity completely accessible to all groups of young people.
  • organisations will listen to young people and continuously adapt their plans as a result.